A revolutionary concept in sports & recreation with infinite riding technology

ARIA by Elsium

Elsium introduces you to a revolutionary, patent pending two-way wired winch technology- Twinch. A high-tech & innovative concept taking the industry to a whole new level.
Twinch technology has been implemented in the compact Elsium ARIA; a portable, battery powered 230 Volt machine.

An environmental friendly, battery-powered cable system.


The portable system allows temporary installation, anywhere at anytime. 


Measurements: 40 x 80 x 60 cm 

Weight: 95 kg

Quick Installation

The machine is easy to install and ready to use within 10 minutes.

Safety protocol

Automatic intelligence allows secure and safe use at any time. 

Speed control

The machine speed can be adjusted by remote control.

Autonomous riding

Up to 4 hours autonomous riding time, possibility to recharge for infinite riding.

230 volt charging

Easy to charge with standard electricity supply.

Swiss engineering

Certified & patent pending technology, developed by Swiss engineers.


World’s first infinite portable cable technology : The Twinch