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From the first wakeboard winch to the first ‘Twinch', dedication has been our key to success

Our story started back in 2002, when CEO and Founder of Elsium, Ernesto Aramburo, developed one of the first winches for the wake boarding industry- the one-way traction system.

The 2nd generation was a better, more professional update. We were still not satisfied with the quality and price level of our production process, but it was definitely an important step in our evolution. 

In 2012, our team developed the latest two-way traction system, the birth of a Twinch system. These were very exciting times and we were overwhelmed by interest from potential clients, but we needed more time to get it just right….

Five years later and we are ready to launch the

Elsium ARIA!


The team behind the concept originates from Switzerland, and we have selected the best local support teams to

collaborate with.

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